Susan and I hope you and your family are having a lovely spring! 
We are sending this email to let you know that Susan will be going to an Aesthetic conference. She is hoping to learn new techniques on laser skin tightening, fillers, beauty and skin care products! She will out of the office starting on Thursday May 16th and will be returning with regular business hours on Monday June 3rd. If you’re needing to get in for an appointment prior to her departure, we would love to schedule you! Thank you! 
Call us now! 805-987-7222
I would also like to share with you a new weightloss program that I’m very excited about! Join me in reaching your weight loss goal. I have lost 20 pounds since Valentine’s day!! Get Medifast products at my cost by visiting my Get Your Skinny On webpage: getyourskinnyontoday.tsfl.com
Get Your Skinny On Weight loss programs, I’ve tried them all(or have tried to try them all) and you have too. And what’s the result? We lose some pounds and gain some hope, and then we regain our weight and start again. It’s a win-lose-win-lose game and over time we begin to lose faith in ourselves.
Medifast has been proven to be consistently effective over time. For example, in the March 2010 issue of Nutrition Journal, Medifast was found to be “an effective strategy for producing robust initial weight loss and for achieving improvements in a number of health-related parameters during weight maintenance, including inflammation and oxidative stress.” 
In a 2013 randomized controlled study conducted at the University of Alabama’s School of Medicine, researchers found that Medifast demonstrated “significantly/greater reductions in body weight and fat” when compared to low-calorie/low-fat diets. This means you can eat more of your favorite foods and lose more weight faster. 
Consumer Reports agrees. After evaluating 13 different programs, they found that “you can lose a lot of weight on [Medifast], and you barely have to cook.” For me, that made all the difference in the world. When i’m at work, where I counsel other people and sometimes grab the “wrong” foods, but not with Medifast. My whole day is planned out and I get to eat 5 nutritious snacks which helps to keep my sugar levels stable. The result: I don’t get hungry like I used to! They take less than 3 minutes to prepare and there’s virtually nothing to clean up, so I can get back to work knowing that I’ve eaten the right amount of food with the right amount of nutrients built in. I don’t have to guess at anything. Everything I need is in my food, and it’s delivered directly to my doorstep. 
I also get to eat a “lean-and-green” meal which i can prepare with all my favorite herbs and spices. I can even go out to any restaurant for this treat. All I have to do is select a lean piece of meat and pair it up with a vegetable of my choice.
It’s been 8 weeks and i’ve already lost 20 pounds. But, what really amazes me is this: I’m losing my desire to eat carbs and sweets, and I’m feeling more full with less food. How can you start to lose weight today?

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