ALMI & Fillers for Beautiful Hands

Don’t let your hands show your age!

Fat & PRP

When using your own fat (ALMI ) the procedure can last up to 3 to 5 years!

By using ALMI fat and PRP and or fillers,
Susan is able to improve the appearance of your hands.

Susan’s patient using ALMI fat and PRP


ALMI is a revolutionary

Rejuvenation Procedure

Using your own fat cells along with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to restore volume, texture and tone.

Susan’s patients Radiesse used in above photos.

Watch this Video with plastic surgeon Dr. Ed Zimmerman, whom Susan studied with to learn the ALMI procedure.

The “All Me All Natural” Rejuvenation Procedure

ALMI can be used as a filler in the face, hands, breasts, penis, vagina, and labia.

In addition, it can help with erectile dysfunction, Peyronies, female urinary incontinence, orgasms, and can tighten and lubricate the vagina.

ALMI Fem-Shot is like PRP on Steroids

ALMI Man-Shot is like PRP on Steroids

ALMI Facelift & Lip Enhancement

ALMI fat and PRP to improve the appearance of your hands

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